Removing residue with kerosene is ineffective when trying to clean contamination that gets trapped in the loops and corners of a mould. Dry ice blasting provides a superior cleaning tool for permanent mould cleaning because moulds can be cleaned hot and in place. Cleaning can be done without chemicals, solvents, or water.

Downtime is significantly reduced as dry ice blasting allows moulds to be cleaned while they are still hot and in place. Unlike other blasting methods, cleaning with dry ice does not leave behind secondary waste because dry ice turns to gas upon contact (sublimates).

Core boxes

The resin used in the core box process creates a chemical change that activates a gas that hardens quickly and forms a bond with the sand in the core box. While the majority of this mixture is removed during shakeout, what remains can be difficult to remove. Typical manual cleaning methods require cool down, disassembly, unproductive hours of messy hand cleaning or bead blast cleaning, and then reassembly.

With dry ice blasting contamination can be easily removed from hard to reach places. Sand and resin can be removed without causing damage to equipment, which consequently extends the life of tooling. By utilizing one of our “POM” specialised nozzles, operators can easily clean vent holes in core boxes, which can be hard to reach with other methods.