What is Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method that uses small dry ice pellets as the blasting media.

The dry ice is made from 100% carbon dioxide (Co2) which is a byproduct of many industries throughout the country. This Co2 is cleaned and injected into a dry ice pelletizer which turns the carbon dioxide into solid 3mm pellets of dry ice. The dry ice pellets are then put into our unique dry ice blasting machine which combines the ice with compressed air similar to that used in typical blasting methods.

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When the dry ice pellets are combined with the compressed air and are blasted at the surface, they crack and loosen the bond between the contaminant and the surface being cleaned.


The very low temperature of dry ice (-79c) shock freezes the contaminant causing it to become brittle and weak. This helps the dry ice crack through and permeate the coating.


The dry ice then penetrates the contaminant and immediately sublimates (changes from a solid to gaseous state) This process results in a x700 increase of volume from the carbon dioxide expanding which helps to lift the contaminant from the surface.

Dry ice blasting effectively replaces high-pressure cleaning and other traditional blasting methods that use materials such as water, glass, soda and sand as abrasive media. In addition, however, a wide range of other cleaning methods that involve the use of hazardous chemicals, solvents, etc., can with advantage be replaced with dry ice blasting.

The distinctive feature of dry ice blasting is that dry ice sublimates on contact with the surface that is being cleaned. Surfaces are then left clean and dry, without remains of detergents or blast media. As the process is completely dry and non-conductive, dry ice cleaning can be used where other methods are unsuitable. For example, electric motors and equipment with electronics, hydraulic or pneumatic components can be cleaned directly using dry ice.

Dry ice blasting produces no additional waste. Only the contaminant that has been cleaned off remains to be disposed of, and this can easily be swept or vacuumed afterwards.

Dry ice blasting will often allow machinery to be cleaned while still in operation without the need for dismantling and expensive downtime.

Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, so surfaces are therefore treated gently. The cleaning system can be used on easily-damaged surfaces like nickel, chromium and soft aluminum.

The process is completely dry, and no waste materials are produced. This means that cleaning can be completed even during short maintenance windows.


Dry ice blasting is suited to a large range of industries, as can be seen from our customer base, which includes widely differing companies all over the country.

Dry ice blasting is also ideal for removing coatings such as varnish, adhesives, grease, oil, soot, coal dust, mold release agents and bitumen – to name but a few of the materials we can clean using our process.

No chemical or blasting material is left after dry ice cleaning. This makes the system highly desirable for industries that require a high level of hygiene – the pharmaceutical and food industries in particular.


Our dry ice blasting machines successfully clean off contaminants in a wide variety of different industries. These are a few in which dry ice blasting can be used in:

Aerospace, Automotive, Construction/materials Building, Chemicals, Energy & Utilities, Office Machines, Computer Equipment, Crack Testing, Fire & Flood Restoration, Food and Beverage, Furniture and Fixtures, Government & Defense, Industrial Machinery & Manufacturing, Medical & Health, Metals & Foundry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Plastics & Rubber, Printing & Packaging, Rail, Shipbuilding & Marine, Wood, Pulp & Paper Industry.


Reduced Downtime

A machine can often be cleaned by dry ice blasting while still in operation, this eliminates the need for dismantling and re-assembly. This is of considerable economic significance as downtime can be eliminated or radically reduced.

No Waste Disposal Costs

Costs associated with the disposal of hazardous solvents or chemicals are saved because the dry ice sublimates on contact with the surface being cleaned. Only the dislodged contaminant is to be cleaned up.

Reduced Payroll Costs

Dry ice blasting can reduce cleaning and maintenance costs to a fraction of current levels because the process is often faster and more effective than traditional cleaning methods.

Reduced Equipment Wear and Tear

Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive. Surfaces are cleaned very gently, and wear and tear resulting from the use of grinding wheels, steel brushes, scrapers and the like is avoided.


Fast and Effective Cleaning

Our dry ice blasting systems have exceptionally high cleaning speeds, even normally inaccessible parts can be quickly cleaned using the wide range of nozzles we have available. Blasting material residues do not become trapped within the machine, and no chemicals or blasting material is left on equipment components.

Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning machinery, electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, surfaces and molds.


Environmentally friendly

Dry ice is completely non-toxic. No hazardous chemicals or solvents are used in dry ice blasting, operators avoid being exposed to hazardous fumes and other dangers during cleaning. In contrast to high-pressure cleaning, polluted drain water is avoided.

Easy Waste Management

The quantity of waste material is largely minimized because of the evaporation of the dry ice. Only the waste product that has been cleaned off is to be cleaned up afterwards.