VIC Dry Ice Blasting Specialists

Victoria is more than just about the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Dandenong Ranges, Healesville Sanctuary, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Daylesford Macedon Ranges. The Victoria state is also about a thriving commercial and industrial development. Although finance, insurance, technical and healthcare services are dominating the state (just like in most developed areas), the backbone industries (manufacturing, construction, transport, agriculture, mining) are still thriving here and staying competitive.

But staying competitive is not just about getting the biggest slice of the domestic and international market. It’s also about controlling costs, minimising downtime and complying with the latest safety and environmental standards. This applies to the entire manufacturing and supply chain including cleaning and maintenance.

VIC dry ice blasting specialists

Here at EcoClean we specialise in doing a fast, non-abrasive, economic and environment-friendly way of cleaning production equipment. This cleaning method is now becoming the top choice when it comes to production equipment maintenance.

It works by blasting 3mm dry ice pellets wherein their high kinetic energy helps remove the contaminants from the surface. The dry ice then quickly sublimates back to carbon dioxide. This explains why the cleaning method is fast (dry ice quickly transforms into gaseous carbon dioxide), environment-friendly (no chemical solvents used) and cost-efficient (cleaning is quick which minimises downtime).

Dry ice blasting has already found great use in many applications and industries including:

  • Aerospace and defence (quick cleaning of aircraft wings and moulds)
  • Automotive (fast cleaning of aluminium, blow, compression and tyre moulds)
  • Electronics (effectively remove dirt, soot and grease from electric motors)
  • Food and packaging (remove residues and crumbs while adhering to hygiene standards)
  • Foundry (cleaning without chemicals and solvents)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical (better alternative to hand scraping and sand blasting)
  • Printing (cleaning all types of printing presses including flexography, offset and web-fed)
  • Plastic and rubber (clean extrusion screws, rubber moulds and nozzles)
  • Power generation (cleaning heat exchanging pipes, compressor blades, seals, bolts and gears)

Our method is a fast, economic and environment-friendly way to remove dirt and contaminants from the surfaces of production equipment. This is our way at EcoClean in supporting other businesses and industries become more responsible and competitive. With dry ice blasting, several companies and industries have already cut costs and downtime when it comes to their equipment maintenance. Contact us today for more information.