QLD Dry Ice Blasting Specialists

Being the Sunshine State and having the key industries active here in Queensland (farms, fishing, forestry, mining, energy, hospitality, tourism, construction, transport, logistics, science, IT, retail and manufacturing), the state is just starting. With more than 5 million population and key infrastructure already in place, Queensland is now positioned for further greatness.

Although white-collar industries (financial and IT services) are now establishing their dominance in the state especially in Brisbane, blue-collar industries (metalwork, manufacturing, automotive, food and packaging, power generation) are still likely to remain a staple here because after all these industries are the backbone of the economy. It’s true that we’re in the Information Age but no matter the times we still have to produce something and the blue-collar industries are crucial to that process.

QLD dry ice blasting specialists

However, those essential industries are under pressure to stay competitive, control costs, minimise downtime and adopt more environment-friendly practices in production, processing, cleaning and maintenance. Companies engaged in the essential industries are now busy searching for new, cost-efficient and environment-friendly methods especially when it comes to cleaning and maintaining equipment.

Here at Ecoclean we have dry ice blasting specialists who perform a non-abrasive way of cleaning production equipment. The high kinetic energy from the dry ice effectively removes the contaminants and because the dry ice quickly sublimates back to carbon dioxide, you won’t have to worry about long downtimes and residues. There are no chemical solvents required which is why this is the clear environment-friendly choice.

This method of cleaning has already been proven effective in several industries such as:

  • Aerospace and defence (cleaning aircraft wings and removing dust build-up)
  • Automotive (cleaning the aluminium and tyre moulds)
  • Electronics (removing dirt, soot and grease from electric motors)
  • Food and packaging (removing seasonings, crumbs and other residues from food processing equipment)
  • Foundry (effectively cleaning the permanent moulds without using kerosene)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical (cleaning the tablet production moulds while meeting strict sanitation requirements)
  • Printing (removing paint, paper and other contaminants from printing equipment)
  • Plastic and rubber (effective cleaning of the moulds and vents)
  • Power generation (cleaning the generators without the mess)

Brisbane is one of Australia’s major business hubs and industrial businesses here are thriving and vibrant. But overseas competition, as well as environmental pressures, requires some changes in how we do business. This doesn’t just include how we produce products and materials but also in how we maintain the production equipment we have.

Dry ice blasting is a fast, economic and environment-friendly way to clean and maintain production equipment. Contact us here at Eco Clean and let’s discuss your requirements.