Medical and Pharmaceutical


Mould maintenance is critical when manufacturing small, high performance medical devices. In order to support sanitation requirements, cleaning needs to be done without water. For this reason, methods such as hand scraping and sand blasting had been used. However, these methods lead to equipment wear and tear. Dry ice blasting provides a proven method for cleaning medical and pharmaceutical devices without causing damage to the microscopic details of these moulds.

Tablet production moulds/pill moulds

Sanitation is a critical element in the production of pill. Dry ice blasting offers a beneficial alternative to cleaning pill moulds. Compared to water-based cleaning methods like water or steam blasting, dry ice blasting eliminates the threat from bacteria and other micro-organism growth.

Dry ice blasting provides the perfect cleaning solution for stainless steel containers, reactors, mixers, and separators. Cleaning with dry ice is preferred over other cleaning methods because it eliminates the safety concerns associated with cleaning electrical components. Dry ice blasting is a completely dry process so electrical parts can be cleaned without damage.