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    About one third of Australia’s national manufacturing output is due to NSW. Having the largest manufacturing industry in Australia with stable and thriving sectors such as food, metals, machinery and equipment, the state has become an economic powerhouse and will likely remain as one of Australia’s largest employment and financial contributors.

    However, downtime due to equipment cleaning and maintenance can be very expensive. Add to that the delays and potential loss of customers and opportunities. Moreover, the industrial sector has been under pressure to implement responsible and environment-friendly practices and these include how parts and equipment are being cleaned and maintained.

    NSW Dry Ice Blasting Specialists

    Good news is there’s a way to minimise downtime due to cleaning and reduce environmental impact as well. Here at Eco Clean, we help do just that by using dry ice to clean different metallic, plastic and rubber surfaces. This cleaning is effective and economic which is why various industries (including food and packaging, automotive, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, power generation, printing, aerospace and defence, automotive, plastic and rubber) have now chosen dry ice blasting in cleaning their equipment.

    Instead of chemical solvents, our cleaning method uses dry ice pellets which results to zero residue and less downtime. There will be no secondary waste and no need to wait long for the surface to dry because the dry ice pellets will immediately sublimate back into gaseous carbon dioxide. Because there are no chemical solvents being used, our cleaning method is considered to be safe both to the environment and the personnel.

    When it comes to cleaning, dry ice blasting is effective due to low temperatures (-79℃) which make the contaminants brittle and easier to remove. In addition, the high kinetic energy from the dry ice pellets and the volume of compressed air make the surface contaminants become cracked and loosened.

    In other words, dry ice blasting has all the advantages when it comes to effective cleaning, minimal downtime and environment-friendly approach. Although NSW is becoming more known for its service industries (financial, insurance, healthcare, professional and technical services, IT) especially in Sydney CBD and Macquarie Park (and rapid growth surrounding the Western Sydney Airport and Sydney Metro Northwest), the manufacturing and industrial sector is still the backbone of the economy. For this sector to stay competitive, every measure that will help should be implemented including minimising downtime during cleaning and maintenance. Our NSW Dry Ice Blasting Specialists can help with that. Contact us today if you require more information about how our method works and if it’s ideal for your equipment and machinery.